My name is Christan Marashio. After 10 years of writing the internationally-read dating advice column And That's Why You're Single, I decided to switch gears. Despite being considered a "dating expert" by some, I struggled romantically, largely due to childhood trauma.


In 2019 I took a break from writing my column to pursue my coaching certification. It's my personal belief that online dating has become traumatic for many singles largely due to the overwhelming amount of disappointment, rejection and anxiety many daters experience.

In addition to coaching, my goal is to educate people on not just traditional theories but the science behind them. My specific goal is to dismantle misogynistic "Bro Science" theories regarding mating rituals and sexuality. The -ology in Dateology Coach refers to the differing aspects of human behavior - Psychology, Sociology and Biology to name a few. My study of the brain started with my certification course and has continued to this day.


In addition to holding a Bachelor's Degree in Communications from Emerson College, I received coaching certification through the International Association of Trauma Recovery Coaching in August of 2019. Although I'm based in NYC, I serve as a dating coach for singles across the globe.


Like Liam Neeson's character in Taken, I have a particular set of skills...

Some of the services I offer include:


  • Dating profile writing, editing & assessment. If you need help writing your dating profile, look no further

  • Effective messaging techniques and assistance

  • Reviewing profiles of potential matches to ensure their profile does not contain red flags or problematic content

  • Guidance on returning to the dating scene after divorce, loss of a partner, dating hiatus or toxic relationship

  • Account and profile management for visually impaired singles

  • Profile guidance, support & account assistance for singles with disabilities

  • Trigger management for those with mental health issues like anxiety or depression


If you're looking to hire someone that offers straightforward and successful dating advice, especially advice for online dating, you've come to the right place. You won't find an dating coach that shares my background, education and experience.

In my spare time I practice yoga and perform HIIT interval training. I'm a Dog Mama to Luca, a Pitt/Terrier mix. She joins her brother Ignazio, a long-haired black cat adopted from the ASPCA, and Nunzio, another rescue cat. I also walk dogs part-time and hope to apply my training in PSTSD & Trauma Recovery to dogs who have been abused, abandoned or suffer from anxiety or aggression issues.