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Date Coaching

With ten years of coaching and dispensing dating advice under my belt, dating is my wheelhouse. I've worked with single men and women ages 25-65 from all across the globe, helping them:


  • Craft an eye-pleasing dating profile in the age of Tinder, Bumble, Hinge

  • Learn effective messaging techniques

  • Set up first dates

  • Handle difficult first date questions

  • Determine whether someone is genuine or just passing their time

My specialties include dealing with rejection, identifying possible red flags, learning to spot scammers and abusers, as well as how to navigate and master various dating apps.


My expertise ranges from simple to the complex; from writing an engaging profile bio to returning to the dating world after a toxic relationship. Ultimately, my goal is to support your journey to finding love while helping you avoid burn-out and damage to your self-worth.

We now have an unprecedented number of methods to use to meet people. What we don't have is a guidebook that tells us how to cultivate these connections so they flourish and last. Dating is now a project, a means to an end, rather than what it should be - fun and full of possibilities.


Sessions aren't just about finding a partner.They're more about finding yourself. Your *best* self. You remember your best self, right? The self that didn't need a barrage of dating app matches to feel confident? The self that could just pick themselves up and brush themselves off instead of trying to figure out why so many people on Bumble SUCK? You remember that person, don't you? No? Well, let me help re-introduce you to them so you can start enjoying your own company again while you look for a partner.

Sessions are available for both men and women.


Are you ready? Let's do this.

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