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Avoid This Dating Profile Red Flag


This online workshop to help you match with and meet relationship-focused singles. We’ll talk the importance of a compelling opening line, how to make yourself sound emotionally available (and attract someone similar) photo selection, red flags to avoid, and more.

I posted this Tik Tok yesterday pointing out one very big red flag people often overlook when reading dating profiles.

Over use of “I” statements or variations of the word “I” (like I’m, I’ve, etc) can be indicative of someone being self-obsessed, insecure or narcissistic. You want to try to avoid starting sentences in your dating profile with the word “I” if for not other reason than it makes you sound obscenely boring. I do this. I like that. I traveled here. Stale, right?

“I genuinely don’t know how to write a sentence about myself without using ‘I’ statements,” one commenter responded.

Here’s how to do it. Below is a sample dating profile bio I wrote.

Most dating apps have a character limit. That requires users to optimize the space. The goal is to say a lot with a little.

STEM Superhero - This tells what industry you work in without being specific.

Ally - This conveys compassion and tolerance.

Dinner party thrower - You’re social and extroverted.

Day planners are my kryptonite - You value organization and order.

Closest friends date back to high school - You’re loyal and have experience maintaining long-term (and most likely healthy) relationships.

My kindle is sticked with biographies and whodunits - You like to read. You’re intellectual.

Mornings start with meditation & BBC News - You prioritize mental wellness and self-care. You’re likely introspective. Yopu have a global perspective and care about the world arolund you. Planning to make Rome the next stamp on my passport - You like to travel.

You’re providing enough information for someone to gauge potential mutual interests while at the same time offering possible conversation starts.

In addition to being shorter, fragmented sentences are also easier to retain because there aren’t a bunch of extraneous words. There’s no need to say you love a good Merlot. Merlot lover. Boom. Done.

Get to the point.

Have questions about how to write your dating profile? Submit a question here.

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