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Great Dating Profile Example: The Playful Creative-Type

dating profile writing tips

I love this! Here's why:

It's succinct - Since users aren't allotted much space in a dating app bio, it's okay to write in fragmented thoughts/sentences. In fact, I recommend it. Thanks to character limitations with platforms like Twitter, we've been trained to write and think in quick bytes. That style of writing is more digestible than strings of sentences or boring adjectives.

She says a lot with a little - From what she shares, I inferred that she's a creative-type (digital marketer/writer) curious (Portuguese pupil, octopus obsesser) quirky (Hungry Hungry Hippo fan) enjoys life (sweet tooth sufferer) can be introverted and isn't always "on" (yarn manipulator) a little high-brow when she wants to be (oenophile) compassionate (ASPCA volunteer).

She's engaging - The specificity and playfulness with which this is written immediately pulled me in. That's difficult to do in writing (but then, she's a writer) and is usually indicative of someone who is an interesting conversationalist. At the very least, she'll be a fun date.

She's accessible - By listing so many interests, so demonstrates that her life isn't all work. She offers different avenues for conversation in this bio, which means she's probably very easy to talk to and won't require a ton of prodding.

Her bio doesn't sound like a job posting - The misconception about online dating is that these platforms are for finding relationships. Incorrect. Online dating is for getting dates. This ad isn't a list of obvious wants or must-haves. Of course you want someone kind, honest and fun. That's a given. Those types of comments waste the small bit of space you have to talk about yourself.

Forget including that laundry list of criteria. Instead, let those reading your profile decide for themselves if they think they are a good fit for you. That's why it's so important to be specific. When you shop for clothes online, you don't just do a search for pants or shirts. You include the fit, the color, the material, etc. Online dating is similar. Dating profiles are no different than any other product being sold. Copy writers use keywords to ensure their ideal customer won't just find them, but make a purchase.

A bland profile will attract bland matches. You have to sell yourself. You want your words to convey your personality and values so that compatible matches will be drawn in long enough to read your entire bio and swipe right.

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