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How To Avoid Dating Someone Broke

As I was swiping through Tik Tok content today I came across this nugget of wisdom.

In a nutshell, this creator is telling women that hyping up how financially stable and self-sufficiant you are will not matter to the type of men you want to meet if you’re looking for a relationship. However, it will make a scammer or other kinds of bottom feeders salivate. I 100% agree with her.

Before I get into the tips, I want to make an important distinction. This advice is to side-step matching with someone who is going to take advantage of you and your generosity. It is NOT a condemnation of people with financial struggles. Those are two different situations. I don’t agree with some that, if a person is having money issues, they shouldn’t date. That would excluse A LOT of people from the dating pool.

With that said…

If you want to avoid attracting freeloaders, keep these tips in mind.

Never ever EVER mention assets in your dating profile. That includes property ownership, cars, boats, etc. You do not ever want to give away any information, even unintentionally, about your net worth. Scammers hone in on mentions of home ownership and other items that could be sold for large amounts of cash. Mind you, this also includes your profile photos. No pictures of cars or boats or anything expensive in the background (like art work.)

Play down how much you travel - To frequently travel costs money. A lot of it. If you talk

about how often you travel in your profile and post photos from multiple different trips at different loctions, you’re tipping your hand as to your disposable income.

Don’t reveal where you went to college - The main reason you shouldn’t do this is to avoid leaving a bread crumb trail to your identity. The other huge reason to avoid doing this is if you went to an elite or Ivy Instituition. Many people equate degrees from fancy-schmancy schools with money.

Don’t mention your job title - The higher your position, the bigger your salary. At least, that’s what many people will assume.

Don’t use words like “financially secure” or “financially stable” in your profile - This does not have the same desired effect on most men as it does on most women. To most men, it’s not a selling point. No, it has nothing to do with being intimidated by how much a woman’ makes. It’s absolutely something to be proud of but to the kind of man you want to meet it will have little to no relevance. The only men that will care about this are men looking for someone to bankroll their lifestyle.In general, mentions of one’s financial status or situation is tacky. If you wouldn’t say it in casual conversation with a stranger, don’t say it in your profile.

Don’t mention you’re debt-free - Debt-free means more money to spend on them!

Don’t say whether you rent or own your apartment or home - Again, I don’t think this matters to most men as it does to some women. Remember: No Assets. Not to mention, owning property isn’t the end goal for everyone.

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