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How To Prevent Men From Wasting Your Time

Listen to a teaser of this week's Dateology Coach dating advice podcast.

In This Episode:

  • A man writes hateful commentary about women and gets run off the internet.

  • How women evaluate men’s looks vs. how men evaluate women’s looks.

  • What does “Looking for long-term but open to short” in a dating profile mean and why it’s a red flag to swipe left.

  • In Sarah’s News Nook segment, she discusses developments in medication abortion and how even when wives out-earn their partners, they still perform the majority of domestic labor.

  • Why do men say they’re looking for someone who doesn’t take herself too seriously

  • We discuss a powerful essay about dating with a disability.

  • A listener wants to know why a man would spend weeks talking then cancel right before their first date.

  • Revisiting SATC: We debate whether Samantha was as secure as she presented or if she used sex to get validation from men. We also talk about why none of Miranda’s relationships worked out when she dated men on her level.

To Listen To The Full Episode, Become an Exclusive Subscriber and Join The Fun!

If you’re not a paid subscriber, you can subscribe today. Important: The $7 a month subscription rate goes up to $10 per month/$89 per year on May 1st. (New rates apply to new subscribers only. It will not affect anyone that has subscribed before April 30th, 2023.)

Your subscription will also include:

  1. Weekly full length-podcast episodes

  2. Guest speakers and co-hosts of support Zoom sessions (We pay our co-hosts for these sessions because we value their time.)

  3. Membership to our private online community on Mighty Networks

  4. Exclusive Substack-only dating advice posts

  5. Free admission to weekly support group Zoom sessions a month.

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