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Is He Married Or Just Not Interested?

So i have been seeing this guy for a month now. We have only been out twice. Once for coffee and once for lunch. Now he wants to meet again for lunch. I dont get it. Why so many daytime dates?!! I am starting to think he is married and can not come out at night. Am i being too concerned.? Help!! Thanks

I agree that his habit of trying to book day time dates seems odd. I don't happen to like lunch dates. I think they lack ambiance and don't set the right tone. Lunch is not a meal you eat leisurely. You usually have to get back to work or some other responsibility.

Could he be married? Absolutely. That's always possible. People who never seem available at times when they should be (aka at night after work) would definitely make me suspicious. The why behind his atypical date schedule isn't really relevant, though.

My personal opinion? Lunch or coffee dates are for people you're unsure about. I think it's more likely this guy isn't all that interested or interested enough to want to pursue a relationship. I can understand someone wanting to be cautious, but two dates in a month and both are mid-day? Those two data points together do not indicate more than a moderate level of interest in my opinion. Don't get me wrong, he shouldn't be planning your first vacation or anything, but he should want to spend time with you that is more open-ended so you two can get to know each other in a more organic fashion.

You could suggest a night time date and see what he says. If he comes up with an excuse, that would be enough for me to surmise that - at the very least - he's not excited about the premise of a relationship with me.

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