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Man Warns Women About Becoming Alpha Widows

Enjoy A Teaser Of This Week’s Podcast.

Sarah and I analyze an article lecturing women to lower their standards and stop dating hot guys lest they end up alone.

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In The Full-Length Episode:

  • We talk about how uncomfortable Ben Affleck looks whenever he’s around J-Lo.

  • A woman wants to know how much time she should give a man who’s grieving before she moves on.

  • Why abusive men pursue strong women.

  • We discuss the misconception we can’t change our attachment style.

  • How people mistake anxious attachment with normal reaction to being treated poorly.

  • Madonna’s appearance at The Grammy’s sparks a discussion about women and aging.

  • Are single women doomed to be Alpha Widows?


You Can Change Your Attachment Style

Alpha Widow Women Will End Up Alone & Miserable

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