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Money, Credit Scores, Job Titles & Your Dating Profile

Should a woman mention her career or job title in her profile? Would it potentially invite scammers if it is considered a lucrative career?

I think it's a bad idea for anybody to mention their job title in their dating profile. The main reason being that it's too identifiable. Including it could lead to people piecing together info from your bio, Googling you, and finding out your full name, address, etc. I think the best course of action is to include your general career field without going into any specifics.

When writing your dating profile, you must always consider what details of your life or photos could lead a bread crumb trail to your online presence. Just a few keywords and your name could pull up your LinkedIn profile, your Instagram, your Facebook page, etc. Without question, you should be vague about your job if it's known for paying a lucrative salary. This goes for men as well as women. Making your financial situation known will most definitely be attractive to romance scammers and those looking for additional means of financial support.

If you're a medical professional, say you work in healthcare.

If you're a lawyer, say you work in legal aide or legal services.

If you're in banking or finance, say you work in financial services.

Or...just say you work in sales or marketing or some other non-descript professional sector. If you use a dating app that pulls your profile info from a social media account, be sure to view your profile as a visitor to see what is visible. You want to be sure the name of your company or any other identifying details are accessible to random internet dating strangers.

Other money-related phrases to nix from dating profiles are:

Financially stable/secure - This is usually considered code for "I make a lot of money."

Looking for someone ambitious - Regardless of how it's intended, the word ambitious is usually interpreted to mean high-earner. I think the better term to use is goal oriented.

I have good credit - I mean, cool, I guess? If your evaluation of someone's character comes in the form of a three digit number, I suppose this might matter to you. If you're someone that looks deeper or has a less sheltered life, you know that good or bad credit does not determine someone's value. You also know that, sometimes, unexpected things happen. Like, you know, a global pandemic that wipes out businesses and causes millions of people to lose their jobs and go through their savings. We need to stop normalizing the idea that people need to have all their financial affairs in perfect order before they seek a relationship. Sure, a semblance of security is preferred, but the "why" someone has unstable finances is far more important than the unstable finances themselves.

All that said, I'm about to make a broad generalization, so hold on to your butts.

I don't think most men need to know what a woman does for a living before meeting her. I believe women care more about that sort of thing. I also don't believe a woman should downplay her education or job in her profile. However, I don't think she should play it up, either. To many women, their degree from a prestigious school or job with a six-figure salary is impressive. To most men, it's impressive, but it doesn't move the needle, so to speak. Meaning, those accomplishments will not play a part in why most men choose to swipe right.

We need to banish the idea some men are threatened by successful educated women. Sure, some are, but they're irrelevant, so who cares? If they get intimidated, good. That means they won't be a match and women won't have to deal with their fragile egos. Let's stop figuring them into the equation completely.

Your thoughts?

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