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Things Not To Say In Your Profile If You're Looking For A Relationship

Looking to take things slow/start as friends - Unless you’re on the asexuality, spectrum, a disclaimer like this will make you sound hesitant, overly-cautious and potentially burnt out. That could make someone wonder if you’re emotionally available.

Recently or newly single/divorced - Wait until you’ve met someone to reveal your relationship timeline aka when you’re last relationship was or when your divorce was final. A lot of people will fill in the blanks on their own and wonder if you’re ready to date or just looking to dip your tow back into the dating pool.

Descriptors like self-sufficient or independent - This recommendation goes for both men and women. Being able to take care of yourself is a great thing. However, it’s also sort of a given if you’re an adult. You’re supposed to be relatively settled. When it’s explicitly stated in a profile, it might make you sound emotionally closed off. You also don’t want potential grifters thinking you have everything you need and therefore they don’t need to bring anything to the table.

Expressions of doubt or cynicism - Remember, the goal is convey that you’re emotionally healthy and available. Things like “I’m not looking for a pen pal” or “No hookups!” will give the impression you’re frustrated at your recent dating experiences. Someone reading your profile will wonder if you’re going to take that contempt out on them. Saying things like “No hookups!”or “No free meals!” communicates a mistrust of other people’s intentions. While you should be on guard, you don’t want potential matches to know that.

Anything else?

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