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What's More Important: Chemistry or Compatibility?

This week’s podcast teaser covers one of my favorite Sex & The City episodes, “I Love a Charade. We discuss the false narrative that women must fix themselves to find love, how society defines love and marriage, and why Carrie was the worst sex columnist ever.

Also, a few of us met on Zoom last night, and everybody shared their dating profiles. People found the feedback so helpful I’ve scheduled another for May 23rd. To attend and get a free profile review and access full-length podcast episodes, just become a paying subscriber and save 20%. (Only $8 a month!)

Here is a list of upcoming Zoom sessions:

  • May 16 - Plus-Sized Dating Support Session

  • May 18 - Check-in & Support Session - 5pm Start Time

  • May 23 - Group Dating Profile Review Session - 5pm Start time - Note: Certain session parts may be recorded and posted on Substack. You can turn off your camera if you don’t want to be recorded.

  • May 23 - Dating Advice Session - 6pm start time

  • Jun 1 - Group Check-In & Support Session

  • Jun 6 - Plus-Sized Dating Support Session

  • Jun 8 - Group Check-in & Support Session - 6pm Start time

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