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Why Do Men Agree To Be Exclusive If They're Not Ready For Commitment?

In this podcast teaser, we’re discussing garbage advice to women about moving in with someone, the importance of cohabitation agreements, and giving feedback to a woman dumped just a few weeks after she’s asked to be exclusive with someone she met on vacation.

On Apr 4th, an advice and support session is being held at 1pm Eastern for those of you who can’t make the later sessions. Scroll down for details.

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  3. Membership to our private online community on Mighty Networks

  4. Exclusive Substack-only dating advice posts

  5. Free admission to weekly support group Zoom sessions a month.

Coming Up - Scroll Down To RSVP

Mar 21 - Dating With Disabilities Advice & Support Session

Mar 23 - Dating Advice & Support Session - Open To All (Free & Paid Subscribers)

Mar 30 - Dating Advice & Support Session for Paid Subscribers

Apr 4 - Dating Advice & Support Session for Paid Subscribers - 1pm Eastern

Apr 4 - Plus-Sized Dating Advice & Support Session

Apr 11 - Women of Color Dating Advice & Support Session

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