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Why People Lie In Their Dating Profiles

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Just joined Hinge a few weeks ago. This is the first guy who actually seems to want to take me on an actual date and not just a booty call. On the app he says he’s 46 (and I’m 44). Other than that the only thing I know is his first name and the GENRE of work he does. Don’t even have his phone number yet so I can’t do a reverse search. But anyone who actually knows me knows I’m a digger. 🕵🏼‍♀️ I will scour the internet and I will find out your shit. Sure enough I find this man on Wikipedia 😂 and HE IS 59! I’m equally crying and laughing. Of course I considered cancelling but I thought well he’ll at least be interesting to talk to and I’ll get to enjoy some tacos. Plus, I don’t flake out on people - even though he’s already being shady. Sigh. Yay for my introduction to OLD. Lol.