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Why Pronouns Matter

Slowly, mainstream dating sites - both free and paid dating sites - are updating their basic details sections so that users can specify their preferred pronouns. One of the reasons I'm a fan-ish of OKCupid is because they're the only mainstream site that has integrated gender identity, trans rights and equality into their dating profile template.

Much like my previous post about racial preferences, I'm going to urge all dating app and dating site users to update their profiles where possible and include your chosen pronouns ie he/him, she/her, they/them etc. In fact, I would encourage anybody reading this to update all of their social media bios to include this information.

There are multiple reasons for this.

1. To show that you believe people should be able to express their gender identity how they see fit.

2. To help dismantle antiquated and often toxic definitions of masculinity and femininity.

3. To show support to a marginalized community and help make their lives less difficult.

4. To let those that express their gender identity in a non-conforming way know they are loved and accepted for who they are.

If you have questions about gender identity, The Trevor Project is a an excellent resource.

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