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Why Sex And The City’s Aidan Shaw Was A Bad Boyfriend

The second season of HBO's And Just Like That is just a few months away. Earlier this year, Sarah Jessica Parker teased viewers with an Instagram post of herself with actor John Corbett on set. Long-time fans of the show know Corbett well. He played Carrie's ex-fiance, furniture maker Aidan Shaw.

If you'd asked me in 1999 who was better for Carrie, Aidan, or Big, I'd have said Aidan before you even finished your sentence. Big was emotionally unavailable, constantly pushing Carrie away when things got too serious. It always seemed like Big treated Carrie like a life-sized doll. He'd pull her off the shelf when he wanted to play with her and put her back when he got bored or because he found a beauty more appropriate for someone of his status.

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