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Why You Should Buy Yourself A Fake Engagement Ring

I came across this Tik Tok this morning and wanted to discuss it.

In the video, the woman reveals she bought herself a fake engagement ring in the hopes of manifesting.

This isn’t a bad idea, and I’ll tell you why.

I’ve written before about how our brain likes what it knows. When we repeat a specific behavior, we build a neural pathway in our brain. The behavior or thought becomes our default. Neural pathways are how we develop habits and thought patterns. (Good and bad.)

The key to building these habits is thinking “as if” and attaching positive beliefs to particular actions. An example would be if you were to train for a marathon. If you are filled with self-doubt that you can achieve the goal, your brain will associate running with failure and convince you to avoid the task. Rather than look at running with a sense of anticipation, the self-doubt will create dread. That reaction will activate certain areas of our brain, nervous system, etc. Our brains will interpret that internal activity as a sign of possible danger and keep us from proceeding. That’s our brain’s primary function: To keep us safe.

Only when we analyze our emotions can we determine the motive behind them. Before that, all our brain knows is we’re encountering something that makes us feel bad, so it does what it can to stop us from doing it and course-correcting. That’s fight or flight in a nutshell.

Now back to the ring.

Here’s an unfortunate truth: Society treats married women differently.

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