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Ever wonder what potential matches think of your Tinder, Bumble or profile?

Do you find yourself frequently getting unmatched before you've even had time to send a message?Frustrated with the match selections that come up in your searches?

All of these things might be caused by what you're saying (or not saying) in your bio or About Me sections, or because of inconsistencies in your photos.

Book a session and we'll review your current online dating profile (if you have one) and photo selection. If you don't have a profile or want to re-write the one you have, I can provide guidance about:

  • What to include and not include in your bio.
  • How to scammer-proof your dating profile
  • How to effectively attract your ideal match
  • Photo do's and don'ts
  • Red flag phrases to avoid

*An e-guide that covers everything discussed in the session
*An e-guide that offers tips to increase your visibility on the app
*An e-guide of red flags and signs your match is a potential scammer or abuser
*Your peace of mind.
*Your sanity.



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