Call starts at 6pm Eastern. Zoom links sent via email and text the afternoon of the call.


Mastermind calls are moderated group coaching sessions that provide peer-to-peer mentoring and advice.


This call is open to all women-identifying singles who consider themselves plus-sized. There are no body type or weight requirements.


90 minute call. Expect up to 12 people to be on this call. Zoom link sent the afternoon of the call via text and email.



  • Introductions and explanation of group discussion boundaries.
  • Presentation/Prompt for discussion
  • Group share and feedback
  • Q & A - (You are not required to stay for the Q & A portion)




Once everyone has logged on, we'll each introduce ourselves and I'll explain the boundaries and structure of the call.


Discussion will start with a prompt that aligns with the theme of the call - usually a piece of media - that we discuss. (If the media is an article, it will be distributed to all attendees at least 24hrs before the call so they have time to read it.)


Next, each attendee will be given time to share whatever experiences or challenges they would like to discuss. Each attendee will be allotted 3 minutes to present their question/challenge. Once shared, I'll provide feedback and open up the question to other attendees.


The end of the call will be a Q & A. Attendees are welcome to submit anonymous questions through Zoom's chat feature.

Jun 24 - Plus-Sized Dating Group Zoom Mastermind Call - Women Only