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Wednesday Jun 1 Session - 5pm-6:30pm Eastern

Thursday Jun 2 Session - 5pm-6:30pm Eastern

Friday Jun 3 Session - 5pm - 6:30pm Eastern


Sessions will be held on Zoom. Link to sessions will be sent the morning of the session via text and email.


SESSION 1: How To Write The Best Dating Profile Ever

  • Pros & Cons of each dating platform
  • Advice on how to attract emotionally available partners
  • Tips for writing an engaging & compelling bio and prompts
  • Photo advice


SESSION 2: Master Online Dating

  • Learn common red flags
  • Messaging tips
  • How and when to move to video chat/offline
  • Swiping strategies


SESSION 3: Identify Fckboys & Scammers

  • Learn how to identify matches that will waste your time or worse



Jun 1 - Jun 3 - Master Online Dating Bootcamp

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