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Zoom link will be sent the afternoon of the event.


2 people win a free 30 minute dating profile review.

Tonight's event is one part dating advice session and one part game show.

Once all guests have arrived, your host - a certified dating coach - will pose various questions to the group and pick two people to answer.


Your OKCupid match agreed to meet on a specific night and time. When the day of the date comes, you don't hear from them. What would you do?

You give your number to your Bumble match and they proceed to send you inappropriate photos. What would you do?

The point of the game is to hear how other people handle the most frustrating aspects of online dating and get advice from your host. Hopefully, you leave realizing it's not you, that you're not alone and have some new tricks to use to improve yur online dating experience.

There will also be a contest where 2 winners each get a free 30 minute dating profile review.

Sep 24 - WWYD: Online Dating Edition - Game & Advice Session

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