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This package is the sole reason why I pursued my certification in coaching & trauma recovery. These sessions are about introspection, self-awareness and getting to the heart of what is holding you back.


Also includes a 30 minute Dating Profile review if you have one. This can be done as part of one of your sessions or as a separate session. No additional charge.


Session One - About 45-60 minutes

The first time we meet, we'll be discussing your previous dating experiences and the impact they had on you. I'll also take a peek at your dating profile, prompts and photos to make sure everything is red flag free. I'll also determine if, in any way, it's contributing to why you're not meeting the people you want to meet.


Session Two - About 60-75 minutes

We'll continue the discussion about your past romantic relationships, this time trying to identify patterns or cycles. Are you falling for or finding yourself interested in the same types of people? Are you experiencing the same questionable behavior? We'll look at these scenarios and try to hone in on their commonalities.


Sesson Three - About 60-75 minutes

This session is all about choices - the ones you make AND the ones you don't. This is where we're going to really start digging into your what is (or isn't) behind some of your choices. Are your expectations too high? Do you struggle with some attachment style issues? Are you maybe holding out for a fantasy that doesn't exist? Or, maybe you're single because - wait for it - you want to be. Maybe you're engaging in the whole swiping left and right and going on dead-end dates because you feel it's what you're supposed to be doing.


Session Four - About 60-75 minutes

We're almost there! This session will be about determining what, exactly, you're looking for and what expectations you can reasonably meet. Whether you just want to casually date or find a long-term relationship, we'll come up wth an action plan to set you on the right path.



Why Am I Still Single?

  • Once you book your session, you will receive an email within 2-3 hours to schedule your session.

    Sessions are conducted via Zoom.

    All bookings are final. Sessions can be rescheduled via email with at least 2 hrs notice.

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