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Group of Women Laughing & Lighting Sparklers


Workshops, Zoom Sessions, and  Bootcamps

If you're interested in booking a class or service but have questions, you can email me here.




I stumbled upon one of Christan's tik tok videos. I was on different dating apps for 9months or so. Her advice resonated with me so I decided to sign up for her dating app rewrite and courses. Over a couple of sessions, Christan totally revamped my profile from the pictures to the about me section to all of my prompts. My biggest issue was that I was attracting the men I was trying to avoid. Christan helped me come across as fun, smart, ambitious, and family oriented. All the things I am but couldn't figure out how to convey. Within a week of my new profile being up, the quality of matches improved. Men will message me with info from my profile. I'm matching with men that are looking for similar qualities as me and it's been so much better."

-Leah, 37, New Jersey

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