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FAQ- Date Coaching

What sort of dating support can you provide?

My training/experience is two-pronged.  Sessions can cover the basics - profile creation, dating app navigation, messaging, red flags - or they can focus on issues that are impairing your ability to find a healthy and lasting connection. My trauma recovery coaching often involves supporting clients as they grapple with fear of abandonment; unhealthy relationship patterns; maladaptive attachment styles; low self-esteem; and the after-effects of abuse or neglect.

Are your clients mostly women?

I work as a dating coach for men and women.

Since you live in NYC, do you only work with NYC Singles?

No way! I work with clients from all over, including abroad. I am not just an NYC dating coach.

Do people really hire you to write their dating profile? Isn't that dishonest?

Yes, it is, which is why I don't write someone's dating profile for them. Instead, I work with them to identify what matters to them in a match, organize their thoughts and determine what information should be included in their dating profile. Using their words, we construct an effective dating profile that gets matches.

What online dating sites and specific dating apps do you suggest?

I work with date coaching clients that need help with their dating profiles on, OKCupid, Tinder, Bumble, Coffee Meets Bagel, Meet Mindful and Hinge

What if I just need some really great dating advice or help with a specific dating problem?

No problem! Just book one session and we can hash out what ever dating issue you have, be it online dating tips or reading dating red flags.

FAQ - Dating After Trauma Coaching

​​Why did you study trauma recovery?

As a survivor of prolonged childhood abuse, I wanted to both understand my own challenges and help people work through theirs. I've studied narcissistic abuse, sexual abuse, partner betrayal and inter-generational (family) trauma recovery.

​​How do I know if you can help me?

​Before you make any payments, you and I will have a free 15-30 minute Zoom consultation. That way, you can ask me questions about how coaching works and get an idea of my knowledge base. If you don't think it's a fit, I can help you find a coach that you feel would be better suited to your needs.

Can you prescribe medications?

No. Since I'm a coach and not a therapist, I can not treat or diagnose mental illness, nor can I subscribe medication.

Will sessions be recorded in any way?

Only if you give your expressed, written permission. Otherwise, no.

Is there any kind of coach/client confidentiality like with therapists?

While coaches are not bound by HIPPA the way licensed medical professionals are, we feel bound to conduct ourselves as though we are. That means no client/patient relationships outside of coaching and no disclosure of information of any kind without your written permission. All clients have complete confidentiality. Nothing will be saved to a hard-drive or uploaded. All sessions notes will be done in writing and kept in a secure and locked location. Should we ever cross one of these boundaries, we risk having our certification revoked. Please be aware that we do follow Mandatory Reporting Laws. Should we feel that you are a risk to yourself or others, or if you disclose that someone else is being harmed, we are obligated to report this to proper authorities/professionals.

Do I have to sign a contract?

No. You can stop coaching at any time.

Can I pay in installments?

Unfortunately, it's required that full payment be received at time of booking. Should you be having financial issues, do not hesitate to contact me so we can discuss your options. All payments must be done online via credit or debit card.

Can we conduct sessions by phone?

Online sessions allow me to see your body language and facial expressions, so I prefer using Zoom or Skype. However, if that's not convenient for you we can make a phone sessions work. In those cases, I would set up a free teleconference line so we can hold the session that way.

What is your refund policy?

All booking registrations are final. Should you be unable to make a session, you can reschedule at no extra cost as long as you notify me within 24hrs of your scheduled session. More than one rescheduling for the same session may result in termination of services. No refunds will be provided.

Can I have a drink during our session?

One glass of wine or beer is totally fine, but please no more than that. Should you appear under the influence of drugs or alcohol at any time during a session, your session will be terminated and rescheduled. It is unethical for me to conduct a session when a client's judgment is impaired.

How do I reach you if I need to cancel or if I need a last-minute session?

All communications outside of sessions will be done via email only. You will be given a private email to use to reach me and I promise to respond to your message within 2-3 hours after it's sent.


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