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Topics Discussed In Last Night’s Dating Advice & Support Session

Below are some topics discussed in last night’s dating support & advice session.

The next session is on Feb 16th and is for exclusive subscribers. To attend, upgrade your subscription at 20% off now.

Instagram and Tik Tok are becoming the new dating apps.

One member shared a story about a friend who created an Instagram profile and then paid to have his app pushed out to his specified demographic as though it were an ad. Thanks to the transparency video-based platforms provide, they are becoming a more popular way for people to meet. Consider making a Tik Tok or Instagram profile you can curate to protect your privacy. Make sure it’s not searchable that isn’t searchable. You can also use this second account to link to your dating profiles. Connecting to any form of social media provides an added layer of verification. Also important to note: Profiles with a linked social media page are said to get more messages.

How to know when to bail from a conversation

As I mentioned in my Master Online Dating courses, it’s common for initial conversation after matching to become stale rather quickly. If the person you’re chatting with seems disengaged, ask them a random ice-breaker-type question. This is where Table Topics comes in handy. That cocktail party game will give you all kinds of intriguing and appropriate questions to ask a stranger to ignite a conversation. If their response is lackluster, that’s your sign to exit stage right and stop responding. You made an effort. You gave them a chance to save themselves. Your job is done.

You should use at least two online dating platforms.

Utilizing different dating sites allows you to perform split tests. Use one app that lets you write a more detailed bio and extra prompts and one that limits how much information you can share. In my experience, people looking for a long-term relationship read your entire profile before swiping. They want to know as much about their potential match as possible to gauge compatibility. The better options for writing a more detailed profile are and OKCupid. Match skews towards the forty-and-over crowd, but the profile options are relatively dry. OKCupid has the best profile template and add-ons.

Regularly updating your profile is critical.

Dating app algorithms are similar to those of a search engine. The more often you refresh your page by adding in new interests or using different keywords, the more visible your profile becomes to those searching for people like you.

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The next session is on Feb 16th and is for exclusive subscribers. To attend, upgrade your subscription at 20% off now.

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