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When You Think He Just Wants To Sleep With You

I met a new guy online. We FaceTimed on a Thursday, had first date Saturday, second Sunday and third Tuesday with another scheduled for Saturday. Every time I see him he asks when he can see me again. There has been great chemistry but I’m feeling overwhelmed. He asked what I was looking for, I said a relationship, he agreed but I’m feeling pressure from him to sleep with him even after I’ve told him he’s moving too fast for me. Am I right to feel overwhelmed? Am I being lovebombed? I am not sure what to do here as I like dating him but have the feeling he may only want to sleep with me.

In my opinion, three dates in the span of four days is excessive. It’s no wonder you feel overwhelmed. It’s unnerving to go from struggling to get someone to meet for a first date to someone practically throwing themselves at you. This is where so many women start telling themselves to give someone a chance. That they’re just being paranoid. That they need to stop rejecting everyone for frivolous reasons.

Trust your intuition. You are not overthinking this. Something feels off because this man’s behavior is atypical to what you know to be normal. It’s straying too far from your personal baseline. On top of that, he’s disregarding your stated boundary of wanting things to slow down. When combined, these are all signs of dysfunction.

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