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F*ck That Guy : Men Are Trash Edition

Happy Wednesday, Nuggets!

Have you joined our free and private networking group? The Dateology Coach Network allows members to congregate, network, and offer/seek guidance and support. This group is open to all ages, gender identities, and orientations. Could you upload a photo to your profile? This is a private moderated group, but I still want people to know who they interact with. Thank you!

Now on to the show…

Today’s Nugget is enraging. Three different stories. Three different F*ck That Guys.

Nugget #1

A man cancels a date last minute, claiming he’s sick. His date gets understandably upset. Even though he showed poor manners, she’s the one being attacked. Because OF COURSE.

Nugget #2

A woman is approached by a man for an FWB situation in the worst possible way.

Nugget #3

If you have to ask someone if they want to keep seeing you, the answer is probably no.

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