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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, Nuggets!

As I mentioned in our last episode of 2023, we’re moving the podcast over to Patreon. All new podcast episodes will be posted to Patreon.

The new schedule:

Weekly episodes will be posted on Fridays. Those episodes will be free to all listeners. The first new episodes of 2024 will be posted on Patreon on January 12th. Bonus episodes and other exclusive content will be included in Tier 2-4 of Patreon subscriptions.

Some segments we’ve added:

Law & Order: FTG (Fck That Guy) - Listen to stories about cheaters, scammers, and all around douchebags.

Ask Dateology Coach - We’ll read and respond to letters from listeners seeking advice. Letters will be answered on free episodes, so no subscription is necessary to get a response.

True Crimes of The Heart - In addition to being a vocal advocate for victims of cyber stalking and harassment, Christan plays armchair sleuth on her Youtube page Character Analysis. Listen in as we analyze real-life relationship-themed crime cases.

Social Media Trainwrecks - Bad dates, worse breakups, clueless bros with microphones. If it's cringey and posted online, we dissect it with our trademark humor and critical thinking.

There are multiple tiers, starting at $3 a month and going up to $9 monthly.

My Substack and the podcast archive will stay active. I will still be posting regular content here. This week, I’m interviewing author Kelly Reynolds. Kelly hosts the Boobies & Noobies: A Romance Review podcast. We will discuss plus-sized dating and plus-sized representation in rom-coms and pop culture. That episode will be posted on Tuesday, January 8th. To listen, become a paid subscriber.

Please note: Substack content will not be posted to Patreon.

On a personal note, I finally started my ADHD medication. So far, so good. I feel more energetic and focused. But here’s the best news…

Ladybird’s new Mom sent me a text to wish me happy holidays and update me on Ladybird. Ladybird is on the left. She’s finally part of a family and is thriving in her new home. Helping her find a new Hooman was one of the highlights of my 2023.

Thank you all for your continued support, encouragement, and insights. I look forward to connecting and interacting with you guys more in 2024!

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