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If They're Partners Why Is She Paying For Everything & Doing All The Work?

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In This Episode:

A woman wonders if she made a mistake moving in with her boyfriend.

My BF doesn’t own a car so we use my car for everything. This is something I didn’t foresee being a problem. He had a car earlier this year however sold it. He says he can’t afford a car right now so he gets to work using the work car which is strictly for work. My car is used for all non work drives. I pay for the car and insurance. Today I have a nail appointment which I mentioned to him last night. He offered to come along with his daughter to hang out nearby while I get my nails done. This would entail me being dropped off and him going off in my car while he waits for me. On Thanksgiving I cooked for us entirely by myself as he laid on the couch on his phone with football in the background. After we ate, he asked if he could make a plate for his ex wife who is sick with the flu and in his words “poor thing. I feel bad for her. She’s not feeling well and is going to urgent care”. So after the meal, he left to pick up his daughter and drop off the plate of food he prepped for his ex. The ex does not have a partner and texts/calls him often for any mishap or to vent. I’m not told everything all of the time however sometimes I’m around and I obviously hear his responses which provide a bit of insight on the conversation. Again, I’m writing to vent because I feel off about some things the more I observe them. I feel like a housewife without being married and it’s beginning to feel a bit thankless and skewed. I am also not looking to find faults either. I’ve walked into this with such a positive disposition and am slowly feeling a little disappointed & second guessing my decision

Several women ages 40-60 are being diagnosed with ocular syphalis. Center For Disease Control identifies one man as being Patient Zero.

This week, the agency reported five cases of eye — or “ocular” — syphilis “in women with a common male sex partner” that occurred between March and July of 2022. All of the women, aged 40 to 60 years and treated with penicillin, named the same partner when interviewed about their sexual history, including three who reported meeting the man online.
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