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Is It Ever Too Late To Find Your Person?

Hi! I ended a 3 1/2 year relationship last November 2020 and I’m still heartbroken. I really thought he was the one. We had dated many years ago in college (very briefly) & reconnected in 2017, and fell in love. I feel like he was afraid that I wanted commitment (marriage) and it turned him off me. I am turning 50 this July, never married, no kids, and I feel he was my last opportunity for marriage. I feel like a fool that I spent so much of my life with him. I was always very honest in stating that I wanted marriage. I’m a smart, funny, attractive, warm person who has a lot to give, but I’m beginning to think I’m too old and who’s gonna marry me now? I want to be in a committed relationship with the potential of marriage but I’m terrified it will never happen. I know I should be dating at this point. How do I find the strength and courage to “get back on the horse” & start dating again? Thank you

I feel like he was afraid that I wanted commitment (marriage) and it turned him off me.

You did want marriage. There’s nothing wrong with that. If that scared him off, good riddance. You’re allowed to set goals for yourself and want commitment. It doesn’t make you desperate or aggressive or pushy or any other engendered term people throw at women to keep them in their place.

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