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Let's Normalize Disappointing Men - Teaser Episode

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In The Full 90 Minute Episode:

  • A man berates women for having the audacity to think their time is as valuable as their money.

  • We discuss women who constantly talk to single women about how great their relationships are and why it’s toxic.

  • Does the honeymoon phase ever end, or is it not real?

  • What to say in your dating profile to filter out fboys.

  • A man’s cat is giving her subtle signs she should leave her boyfriend.

  • A listener worries her introverted nature keeps her single and wants tips to change.

  • The actual reason men commit to their situationships.

  • A woman wants advice on how to tell her partner she’s not ready to move in with him.

To Listen To The Full Episode, Become an Exclusive Subscriber and Join The Fun!

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