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Non-Binary, Non-Traditional & Looking For Love

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Today’s Nugget

I am getting myself ready to go back on dating apps. My question here is how could I formulate in a simple - yet not repulsive - way that I wish to find a partner but I am in no way looking to live with any potential partner in the future? (I ask for specific formulations, I am autistic and it helps me to have some sort of "script" to express certain things). For context, I have 2 kids (9 & 11) in shared custody. I enjoy my living situation with 2 other queer adult roommates and my kids (in my own house). I have to say that I enjoy (and need) very much having my own space and time alone. I don't want to take on the emotional and mental load that it takes to share a common life in a common space. I've done it for 13+ year and... been there, done that. My priority are my kids, my friends and my projects. I would very much like to meet someone in a romantic way and I'm ready to make some space for them in my life. I've been reflecting a lot on what my ideal romantic life would look like and I believe that I am emotionally available, just that I don't see myself living a more "traditional" life. So, how could I let them know - if it comes to it - that I seek a partnership where each of us would have their own space and activities and we would share time, love, activities but not share a living space and that we would keep some independence? Without sounding too unavailable for a real connection and relationship. ps: I am not looking to date exclusively cis men, I would prefer meeting other fellow queer people (I am non-binary), but the reality is that most queer people are looking for ethical non-monogamy and I am not (mainly because it sound soooooooooo exhausting and most people are not that emotionally evolved to be good at ENM! Also, my many planets in Leo prefer to be the main characters of my potential partner's romantic life

). So my "pool" is pretty narrow and with cis men that would not identify as queer.

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