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Podcast - Sex Cults, Performative White Feminism, Tinder Triggers & Obsessed Exes

We're talking sex cults, obsessed exes, performative white feminism and no-sex ghosting. Also discussed are my Tinder-triggered panic attacks, why everybody loves Laura Dern and that 3 hr borefest known as The Oscars.

We're thirsty bitches, so follow us on Instagram @1sarahg @thechristanm

The Alleged Mastermind of the Sarah Lawrence ‘Cult’ Has Been Charged…e-v-ray-charged.html

Natalie Portman - Caped Crusader…man-caped-crusader/

I Think About My Husband’s Former Wife…wife-b224f54abbc5

Bella's Letter…y-blow-her-off

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