Signs Your Date Is Going To Ghost

It's happened to all of us. We make a match, we message, we make plans. Then...nothing. We learn they've unmatched us on Tinder or blocked us on Bumble. However they made it known they weren't interested, it stings, for sure.

From @alittlenudge

To fill in some of the blanks: they matched, messaged for about a week, and had a video-chat.

He asks her if she's available Sunday.

Here's where things go south.

She replies and says her Sunday is pretty booked but that she's available around 11am.

Why This Might Not Work

Regardless of whether it's an off or online date, 11am on a Sunday is pretty early. Further complicating things is that she alludes to Sunday being a busy day for her. So, not only does she want to meet at a time when most people have only just finished their first coffee, she's giving the impression the date would be scheduled when she's already pressed for time or, at least, might need to cut out early.

Nobody likes to feel rushed on a first date, or any date, for that matter. The first few dates are for gauging chemistry and getting to know each other. It's hard to relax when you know at any moment your date might have to leave.

She then adds that her Saturday is more flexible. Which is...fine, but he didn't ask her to meet on Saturday. Had he wanted to, he probably would have. Personally, I prefer Saturday dates, too, as I leave Sunday for relaxing. However, not everyone wishes to give up their Saturday for a first date. (If i were to guess, I think she wanted a Saturday date because she thought it held more significance.)

No Response Is A Response

A full day goes by and she doesn't hear back from the guy. The onus is on him to respond and confirm. I happen to think twenty-four hours is more than enough time to determine your schedule. If it takes someone a full day to respond, recalibrate your expectations. Everyone has their phone on them, usually for most of their waking hours. If he was checking his schedule, a quick, "That should work. I'll confirm in a bit." would suffice. This guy just dropped off a cliff. That's never a good sign.

The Next Step