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Stripper Dating Problems & Being The Single Friend

Photo credit - Craig Blankenhorn/Max

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Become a member of the Dateology Coach Mighty Network. Being single allows us to keep our peace, independence, and autonomy. But there are those times when you need companionship and support. I created this forum to provide single people with a space to feel seen and heard. Use this exclusive-member forum to ask questions, discuss articles or other content you find interesting, or seek support from other single-and-dating and single-by-choice members. Membership includes regular check-in posts and support sessions via Zoom. This does not include the weekly podcast episodes.

In This Episode:

  • A woman learned the man she’s dating updated his Bumble profile. What’s her next move?

  • A woman’s boyfriend told her he wanted her to stop stripping if she wanted to get engaged. She wants to know if asking him to compensate her for the financial loss is realistic if she quits.

  • We discuss the dos and don’ts of stating boundaries with your dates.

  • And Just Like That Episode 8 recap. We have whiplash. Seema gets real about what it’s like when you watch from the sidelines as your friends find love. Carrie is delusional. Che is tolerable. Charlotte is shallow. Judgey Miranda is back.

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