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The Secret Many Single Women Will Never Say Out Loud


Hello, my Nuggets…

We discussed the recent episode of And Just Like That in last week’s episode, but there’s one scene, in particular, I wanted to discuss further.

As single women, we’re often encouraged to prioritize the time and feelings of women in relationships with men over our own. We don’t discuss the grief involved with the prospect of losing a friend to a relationship. Nor do we acknowledge the very normal jealousy and sense of inadequacy that can crop up when a friend makes their relationship their entire personality.

You are allowed to want a friend who is aware of your sensitivities. It doesn’t make you needy or insecure. Your feelings matter, too.

I hope you find these Nuggets relatable and empowering. They’re meant to reassure those currently dating or single-by-choice that they’re not alone and their lives are valid. Nuggets are published on Mondays and Wednesdays. Full-length episodes are posted on Fridays. If you’d like to hear more, please consider subscribing for $4 monthly. Your subscription will include three weekly episodes and the ability to comment and interact with others on each post.

Thank you for being here.

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