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What Do You Say When He Asks You To Pay?

Hi, I have two questions. How should you respond to a guy who asks if you would ever take a guy out and pay for everything including his tab? I personally don't agree with taking a man out unless we are in a relationship and it's a special occasion. The second question is, how do you respond to a man who states all men have more than one woman and they are biologically wired to, and that any man who tells me different is just saying what I want to hear? I don't believe this is true, but I get so angry when they try to throw this brainwashing my way.


  • A man snoops through his date’s bathroom and finds her meds. Ignorance ensues.

  • Are women bullying men into not revealing their emotions?

  • How long should it take for someone to fall in love?

  • What do you do when someone tells you that you don’t look like your profile photos?

  • Why do men insult women instead of just telling them they aren’t interested?

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