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Why Did Her E-Boyfriend Lose Interest?

I met a man on Facebook dating Fall 2019..he got my attention by being consistent with his we exchanged phone numbers and began to communicate via phone...The connection was almost immediate!!..I didn’t find him physically attractive at first but he had a kind heart and gentle spirit that before I knew it I could not stop thinking about him!!!..He expressed that he felt the same!!!..He called me every morning on the drive to work..texted during the day..and we spoke before going to bed!!!..We talked for a month before our first was a good date and we kissed afterwards!!!..This was 5 days before Christmas..I though we’d spend it together but no..he grew distant...we hardly spoke at all..I endured it and on New Year’s Day I told him that I think it’s best for me to fall back because apparently this is not what we thought it was...I told him the hot and cold behavior wasn’t something I was willing to deal with..and he begged me not to break it off literally!!..Over the course of the next month he made amends by going back to being attentive and now it’s Valentine’s Day and I asked him what were we doing for that date and he said that was a day for kids/teens!!!..He did nothing special for me despite my telling him I wanted to..We had one more date after our first one and I could tell he expected sex but I felt I wasn’t ready to take that step just yet..that was the last time I saw him physically...amid Covid he had every excuse as to why we can’t see each we didn’t!!..He did continue to call and text...just not as consistent as before...when I try to have a conversation about how this makes me feel he tells me I’m being too dramatic!!!..A month ago I finally told him to never text me again because I’ve wasted enough time by now and nothing has changed..he protested..he called me when he hadn’t really done that in a long time..he wanted to know why I would want to break it off...I felt so stupid..break what off??..You don’t ask me on barely text don’t want to fix what’s wrong..I haven’t seen you physically in a year!!!..He still text me one or two times since I told him not to..I never responded and he’ll just text until I do..The problem is I can’t get over him..I still have feelings for him..I fantasize over how sweet he was in the beginning how he made me feel happy and special!!..I spend my days wishing it could be different...and I can’t move on..I’m unable to connect with anyone else!!..Help me please!!!..

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