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Signs They're Not Looking For a Relationship


Figure out how to navigate dating apps and traditional online dating sites like while avoiding the flakes, freaks and time-wasters.

Your work has helped me gain confidence in dating and not internalize others behaviors. Thank you. My question is the profiles in which heterosexual men do not choose a prompt for type of relationship they are looking for. ugh. why? is it like the guy who asks you what you are looking for so they can agree on the surface /mirror you.

There are a number of reason why someone might skip a certain prompt or basic stat. The why doesn’t really matter. If they don’t check that box or provide an answer it’s a pretty safe bet they aren’t looking for a relationship.

People with the goal of finding a long-term relationship that use online dating platforms are thorough. They’re putting it out there. They’re not leaving things to chance. They know how over-run those apps are with people just looking for something casual and want to stand out from the crowd.

“But what if they lie!”

Yep. Some people will lie. Others will think they want a relationship but aren’t ready for one. It’s time for singles to understand that filtering out those types of matches is part of the process.

At this point, nobody looking for relationship should be swiping right on:

  • Someone who hasn’t filled out their bio completely including their basic stats and prompts.

  • Someone who doesn’t have at least 3 photos that all look like they were taken in the past 2 years. Nobody should be arriving at a date to learn their date is 10+ years older than their stated age. Their photos would be a dead giveaway.

  • A user who hasn’t selected “Relationship” or hasn’t out-right stated in their bio they’re seeking a LTR.

  • Anybody that has some variation of “let’s take things slow” or “see where things go” in their profile (and does not identify as being demisexual or on the asexuality spectrum.)

Some other warning signs people overlook:

  • If you have to ask someone to clarify a statement in their bio about what they’re looking for, they probably aren’t looking for a relationship. Someone who has a clear idea of what they are looking for will be able to effectively communicate that goal verbally or in writing.

  • You have to prompt them to properly ask you to meet offline. Someone who is dating with the intention of finding a relationship is going to maintain the momentum and move the process along. Someone who drags their feet or shows no real interest in a face-to-face date is jerking you around.

  • Their profile lacks substance. If their bio focuses on frivolous hobbies and shares nothing to help potential matches gauge interpersonal/lifestyle compatibility then likely do not know what they want. If they do, it’s not a relationship.

Your thoughts?

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