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Why Did He Ghost & Block Her After Sex?

Can you please talk about being ghosted right after sex? I was on several dates with this guy we had a great time and really good chemistry. Last time we met we had sex it was great but the day after he has blocked me.. cant stop thinking about what could be the reason. (Sorry for spelling mistakes english is not my fist language)

Your first impulse is likely to think he was just using you for sex. I don't know if that's the case. Going on and potentially paying for several dates just to get laid once is a long con and not easy to pull off, though not impossible.

I think one of two things is going on here:

1. He was on the fence about the direction of the relationship and made his decision after you and he had sex. He then blocked you because he was done and that's how he deals with these situations. It's not the most humane or mature way of ending the relationship, but at least know you know who he really is.

2. He had a girlfriend the whole time and didn't want you to find out. By blocking you, he restricted your access to his life so you wouldn't sift through photos, followers, likes, etc. and figure out he'd been lying the whole time.

I think the most likely answer is #2 and I'll tell you why.

He didn't just ignore your texts or go silent. He blocked you. To cut someone off in that way isn't just harsh, it's cruel. It's also a way to compartmentalize what he had done. F

Compartmentalization is a tool often used as a coping mechanism. If he blocks you, you no longer exist. If you don't exist, then he never cheated (or used you for sex, whichever it is.) By filing you away in a locked cabinet in his brain, he can avoid feeling guilt, shame, sadness, etc. This is how willfully dishonest people navigate day-to-day life. They simply lock thoughts away in a mental chamber so they don't have to analyze or take responsibility for their behavior.

This had nothing to do with you. You did nothing wrong. He's Just a bad person.

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