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Why You Should Just Let Someone Ghost

What would be the appropriate response…. If any…. Match with a man on dating site. We text and talk on the phone for a week. We have one dinner date. Conversation with him was tough. On the phone and at dinner. I was engaged and interested in learning about him. He was not. I couldn’t tell if it was nerves or he is just a crappy conversationalist. After the date ended I let him know I got home and Thanked him for Dinner and drinks and said I enjoyed our time together. His reply was I’m tired going to bed.

The next day we texted short updates on how our day was going. And that is it…. Two days and nothing from him… I obviously do not want to continue trying to see him.. but do I just delete and move on.. or do I send a text. What do I say?

Yes, you just delete and move on. By not asking you out for a second date he was communicating that he was not interested in a second date.

It has now become commonplace to use silence as a form of communication. Right or wrong, it’s unlikely that will change. As humans, we prefer the path of least resistance. We’re conditioned to do what’s easiest.

If you respond to his silence and tell him you’re not interested in seeing him again, he’ll simply think you’re trying to save face. In his mind, he’s already severed ties. Don’t give him the satisfaction of letting him think you’re bothered by his radio silence.

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